The It-List: 10 Start-Ups to Watch in 2016

Published on Friday January 1st, 2016

By 1 January 2016

The It-List: 10 Start-Ups to Watch in 2016

Reversing a downward cycle that began in 2010, U.S. startup activity ascended last year, according to the 2015 Kauffman Index.

The entrepreneurial activity increase in the 2015 Index represents the largest year-over-year increase in the last two decades, giving rise to hope for a revival of entrepreneurship.

Top sectors in start-ups? Security is a big one. As is alternative power and open enterprise ventures in transportation and social networking. So who is leading the pack? Take a look at ten start-ups that are already making waves and have strong potential for blazing trails in 2016:


Move over Google and Apple, there’s a new tech giant in town. Chinese Internet giant Tencent, the maker of WeChat, has pinned down a strategic investment with indoor mapping startup sensewhere, an Edinburgh, Scotland-based indoor mapping technology company. sensewhere provides hyper-local and indoor positioning solutions that drive location-based services on mobile devices.

sensewhere’s technology provides location information in areas where there is little access to satellite GPS data. Instead, it relies on signals like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The company said Tencent’s investment will allow it to quickly scale up the development of its indoor location database because it plans to integrate its software with all major apps made by Tencent and its affiliates. Indoor mapping is worthy of tracking this year and next.

Other start-ups include:

DroneShield, Red Canary, Niara, Split, Slack, Bumble, Conspire, Transatomic Power, Ice Energy

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