Sensewhere Offers Rev Share to Crowdsourcing Partners for Its Indoor Location Technology

Published on 2014年11月04日 星期二

By Ludovic Privat at GPS Business News

November 4 2014

Scottish developer of indoor positioning technology sensewhere now offers to crowdsourcing partners a share of revenue of the licensing of its location database. Rob Palfreyman

sensewhere has developed and has been marketing for the last three years an indoor positioning technology that uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi RF signals and do not require any pre-installed hardware. These signals are crowdsourced through its SDK. Any app or device using its SDK is not only using the existing database of RF signals but also augmenting it.

This technology is a typical chicken and egg problem, so in order to solve it the company decided to make the use of the SDK free to contributing partners and even offer a revenue share (up to 25%) to companies contributing substantial data.

Rob Palfreyman, sensewhere’s CEO, said: “We believe our cutting edge technology coupled with a no-risk commercial model will radically change the world of indoor location. While other positioning companies measure themselves by number of venues covered, customers equipping their devices with sensewhere can benefit from global venue coverage in a very short period of time with zero cost to build the database.“

The sensewhere technology can be implemented at various levels: application, operating system or kernel level, therefore sensewhere partners can be both app developers or handset makers.

The technology is using server-based data but it also offers offline positioning capability if the local database has already been cached by the SDK.

The client side code for the SDK is 700KB and the crowdsourced data upload is in the range of 2MB per month per user.

sensewhere expects to monetize its technology and database with customers such as retailers, wireless operators (they already have a MVNO customer in Brazil) and companies in the mobile advertising ecosystem.

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