Why iBeacons isn‘t the indoor GPS solution for event venues

Published on 2014年06月08日 星期日

By Bruno at EventKnowHow

The main differences between iBeacons and WiFi are:

  1. You need more iBeacons to cover the same area. They only cover a small range of up to 10 meters reliably. WiFi goes up to 50 meters.
  2. The user must switch on bluetooth in their smartphones. If they have older smartphones without Bluetooth 4.0, it won‘t work.
  3. Visitors must install an App. With WiFi you open your browser and that‘s it.
  4. iBeacons is only a means to detect and locate a visitor. They still need either WiFi or a cell network to receive the information they have requested.

Event venues usually already have a WiFi network installed which covers the main areas very well. So these venue owners only have to install software, no hardware installation is needed. So talk to software vendors like NavizonSensewhere or Nao Campus to create solutions specific for your venue. Let me know your view on the subject by commenting down below.

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