sensewhere’s snapp! app now available via Google Play

Published on Thursday July 26th, 2012

July 26, 2012, Edinburgh, UK

sensewhere [sic.] Ltd, the world leader in hyper local and indoor positioning solutions, today announced that its snapp! indoor location app is now available to download from Google Play. snapp!, which blends sensewhere’s world-leading indoor location technology with social mapping, allows users to view their friends’ updates in their geographical context across a variety of social networks, and issue accurate geotagged updates deep indoors.

To download a copy of the snapp! app please go to

snapp! is able to tie into your Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare accounts and allows you to easily post geo-tagged shoutouts, tweets and status updates with an unprecedented level of indoor accuracy from a single easy-to-use interface. The app also includes features that allow you to navigate and obtain directions, both indoors and out, let you friends see exactly where you are and an opt-in tracking service.

According to Rob Palfreyman, CEO sensewhere: “We believe sensewhere has fixed indoor location by developing a system that works using just the standard wireless technology in most smartphones. What’s more, our service automatically give a more accurate position the more people use it. We believe the sensewhere software will form the backbone of new location services for social networks, app developers, OS suppliers and operators.”

Whenever they need to figure out where they are phones measure their distance from various radio frequency (RF) sources. Outdoors that would be the distance of the phone from GPS satellites, and indoors the distance from nearby Wi-Fi access points, for example.

Every device using sensewhere’s system automatically updates the network as to the whereabouts of these RF reference points, so that if reference points (such as Wi-Fi routers) are moved, the accuracy of the location information would not be compromised. As well as being cheap, sensewhere’s system is self-correcting, actually giving more accurate indoor location over time.

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