sensewhere Teams Up with Micello for Indoor Maps

Published on Tuesday July 24th, 2012

July 24, 2012, Sunnyvale, CA

Micello, the leading provider of comprehensive indoor venue maps for location services today announced that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with sensewhere Ltd, world leader in hyper-local and indoor positioning solutions. The partnership will see sensewhere use Micello’s indoor maps to showcase the accuracy of its indoor positioning technology in the recently announced Friendswhere and snapp! applications for Android.

As part of this partnership, sensewhere will license and incorporate several hundreds of Micello’s indoor maps in their mobile applications and blend their world-leading indoor location technology. sensewhere’s snapp! application on the Android mobile devices combines indoor maps and positioning to allow users to view their friends’ updates in their geographical context across multiple social networks, and issue accurate geotagged updates deep indoors. The users will be able to do this at the top shopping malls in USA and UK as well as at the airports.

Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Micello, commented, “There are huge opportunities in indoor location based services and integrating Micello’s geo-accurate indoor venue maps with sensewhere’s consistently-accurate indoor positioning is a huge step forward in building this new eco-system. Indoor location is the next great frontier and sensewhere has recognised the high quality of our maps and combined it with their leading positioning technology to provide a world-class solution.”

sensewhere offers a crowd-sourced approach to indoor positioning that automatically cross references radio frequency (RF) access point data via users’ own devices and dynamically creates an almost limitless proprietary global RF location database. The database is thus self-generating and self-correcting. Unlike other solutions, the accuracy of sensewhere’s location information is not be compromised if RF beacons are moved.

Rob Palfreyman, CEO sensewhere, said, “This is another milestone in our bid to show what can be achieved when indoor mapping is done properly. Added to the indoor maps already within the sensewhere system, this partnership gives sensewhere’s customers and users access to some of the world’s best indoor maps, and opens up the possibility for developing a whole raft of applications that monetize our combination of leading indoor positioning and Micello’s highly-accurate and detailed maps. Such technology will form the backbone of new location services for social networks, app developers, OS suppliers and operators.”

Both Micello and sensewhere offer platforms and APIs to developers and the combined solution will provide an ideal, low-risk solution for companies looking to tie-together the worlds of outdoor and indoor location to offer seamless and lucrative indoor location services.

About sensewhere

sensewhere is a dynamic, intelligent pure software solution for locating mobile devices in areas where GPS coverage is inadequate. Through the exploitation of all available location data − whether GPS, A−GPS, Wi−Fi, Bluetooth and sensewhere proprietary software − a sensewhere client maximises the location information, wherever you are.

sensewhere solutions provide new opportunities for mobile network operators and device manufacturers in order to offer new levels of indoor location accuracy. In addition, our solutions enable new location enabled applications.

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About Micello

Micello is the leading global provider of indoor venue maps, places and navigation data that enable indoor location-based services. Micello’s customers include Fortune 500’s and small-to-medium businesses are building engaging and interactive applications for indoor environments. Micello has been featured in national newspapers and popular technology blogs around the world. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with offices in Tokyo (Japan), Ahmedabad (India) and Chennai (India). For further details, please visit or send an email to info(at)micello(dot)com.

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