sensewhere is promoting an innovative app for android phone users visiting this year’s Fringe Festival

Published on Monday July 1st, 2013

By Edinburgh Inspiring Capital

Social Media and Communications Executive Anna Majek explains more…


What issnapp!ed?

It’s an Edinburgh version of our social mapping app, snapp!, which allows you to see where your friends are in a geographical context. snapp!ed has been developed specifically for the Edinburgh Festival 2013 featuring all official festival venues. It aggregates the main social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare into a single interface, so users can easily find their friends, post what events they’re attending and check-in inside of venues. It also features indoor maps of a number of key buildings in Edinburgh including those on university campuses in the city. You can download it free from Google Store.

What’s special about the technology?

The core focus is our world-class indoor location technology, which can deliver location-based services to devices inside a building with pinpoint accuracy. Whereas GPS (Global Positioning System) technology only works outside, we use different radio frequencies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and sensors to work out where you are inside.

One of the biggest things about indoor location technology is the enhanced marketing capability it provides. For example, it gives companies the ability to target advertising intelligently, near a point of sale where it might be useful. Indoor location technology is very much in demand at the moment!

What are your other products?

sensewhere core technology is available to licence and we support a Software Development Kit and Evaluation Kit. sensewhere applications include adwhere, for contextual advertising. For example, if you are walking past a Starbucks store within a 5m range, you might get a ping notification on your phone with a free extra coffee or half price muffin offer.

We also have geowhere, a ‘geo-fencing’ app for personal or business use. Geo-fencing allows you to create virtual fences around a certain area, whether it’s a room or a building, and notifies you whenever a device or person leaves or enters that area. Recent contracts include the first mobile virtual network operator in Brazil, parented by the biggest insurance company in South America. They are using our geowhere technology for customer safety and security, mobile marketing and geo location both indoors and outdoors.

Who’s behind the business and what’s the vision?


We were founded by Chief Executive Rob Palfreyman, Chief Technology Officer Professor Tughrul Arslan and Vice President of Engineering Zankar Sevak, bringing together many years of technical excellence and commercial experience in the mobile and location markets. We have a world-class team dedicated to the success of sensewhere and we are well funded by an investor group with global renown.

sensewhere’s head office is in Edinburgh and we recently opened another office in California’s Silicon Valley. Our ambition is to be the de-facto indoor positioning technology and to expand our partnerships with the world’s leading handset manufacturers, network operators and developers, driving the market for high quality indoor location technology forward.

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