sensewhere Patents Granted in China and USA

Published on Thursday June 25th, 2015

June 25, 2015 Edinburgh, Scotland

sensewhere™,, a global leader in hyper-local and indoor positioning solutions announced today that it has been granted key patents entitled “Assisted Positioning” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and “Locating Electromagnetic Signal Sources” in China by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office.

Tughrul speech photosensewhere CEO Rob Palfreyman commented: “Having these key patents granted in China and the USA re-enforces the novel automatic crowd sourcing approach sensewhere has in delivering low cost, highly scalable, highly accurate indoor positioning. What is especially pleasing is that these core patents have now been granted in China and the USA, both markets which are currently experiencing tremendous growth for sensewhere’s location based solutions”.

“Locating Electromagnetic Signal Sources” describes a method to map WAPs (Wireless Access Points) with position references as well as mapping WAPs which do not have references by using location references obtained from a user device. These location references could be GNSS, sensor, beacon or user input, the mapped WAPs are then used to position a user. This position information can then be used again to re-map the WAPs based on any new data collected upon a position request. The mapping of new WAPs with no reference such as those deep inside a building uses the positions obtained from already mapped WAPs.

“Assisted Positioning” describes a method for a device to assist another device to obtain a position fix. Like GPS assistance data, this patent proposes an “extended assistance data” that includes non-GNSS data such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Assistance data can contain position information, signal characteristics etc. For example WAPs scanned can be geo-tagged and sent to another user. This assistance data can be shared between users via peer to peer network, ad-hoc or a central server

About sensewhere:

sensewhere Ltd. is a world leader in hyper-local and indoor positioning solutions. sensewhere’s technology enables precise location information in areas where there is no or inaccurate satellite data such as indoors or in dense urban areas. A key aspect of the technology is that it is based on sensewhere proprietary software and does not require hardware installation or manual fingerprint to deliver fast accurate indoor location information.

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