sensewhere and Micello Partner for Indoor Locations Apps

Published on Thursday July 26th, 2012

By Ludovic Privat at GPS Business News

U.S. based Indoor map provider Micello and UK based indoor location technology supplier Sensewhere have announced a partnership this week.

sensewhere has licensed Micello’s indoor maps to showcase the accuracy of its indoor positioning technology in their recently announced friendswhere and snapp! applications for Android. Snapp! is a check-in app that works with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare and friendswhere is a social networking app per se.

sensewhere offers a crowd-sourced approach to indoor positioning that automatically cross references radio frequency (RF) access point data via users’ own devices and dynamically creates a proprietary global RF location database. The database is thus self-generating and self-correcting.

In their Android applications sensewhere is using several hundreds of Micello’s indoor maps of airports and most important shopping malls in the United States and United Kingdom.

sensewhere’s apps are basically a sandbox to demonstrate the technology to customers.

“This partnership gives sensewhere’s customers and users access to some of the world’s best indoor maps, and opens up the possibility for developing a whole raft of applications that monetize our combination of leading indoor positioning and Micello’s highly-accurate and detailed maps,“ wrote Rob Palfreyman, CEO of sensewhere.

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