sensewhere Ltd. Speaks Up for Media Printing Company

Published on Thursday May 21st, 2015

By Crispymint blog

May 21 2015

sensewhere is one of the indoor location industry leaders with its own unique approach to crowd sourcing location information through a device. The patented tech is automatic, meaning no physical labour is required such as manual fingerprinting, and the database gets built with software running whenever the customer choses, self-maintaining over time all by itself. Kind on battery life and very cost effective, sensewhere is a scalable solution for intelligent context aware marketing, a tool for security and safety as well as a smart social media instrument.

What are the biggest changes you see happening in your industry? And how do they impact you?

We see technology develop really quickly nowadays and live in a world where mobile sits right on top. Spending on average 90% of our time indoors consumers are craving engagement at schools, shops, airports, and with retail going digital, indoor location as a tech industry is poised to monetize on these social shifts. Through intelligent analysis of behaviour, and subsequent useful life-improving means we can now connect with the consumers at a much deeper level.

What do you want people to know about your work?

Consumers around the world are fast becoming ultra-absorbed in all kinds of media, which opens a huge market for the tech sector. While we may be totally engrossed in our phones and tablets however, the biggest challenge remains to tailor digital activities and messages in a way that is attractive to the rushing and increasingly demanding consumer on the go. You don’t have to be tech savvy to tell whether a message is dead-on or plain useless for you, which can easily shape attitudes towards brands as a whole.

What are your biggest goals?

Our biggest goal is to connect the world in a way that is advantageous, clever and seamless to the ultimate consumer. We want people to have the power of location at the tap of their finger everywhere.

Who and what would you need to reach your goals fast?

Apart from our current business efforts in this market around the globe, we are also continuously looking at partnering with significant device manufacturers, network operators and social applications to capitalise the vast database from global coverage.

Finally, who should contact you and why?

For the solution’s unique crowdsource approach to deliver its full potential, access to large crowds of mobile users is imperative, therefore partnerships with companies of high calibre, offering their services to a large number of people is key.

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