sensewhere launches new Software Development KIT (SDK)

Published on Saturday November 16th, 2013


sensewhere recently launched its newSoftware Development KIT (SDK) using its latest hybrid positioning incorporating enhanced sensor technology integrated with sensewhere’s automatic crowdsourcing technology.

sensewhere’s sensor technology uses whatever sensors available on a smart mobile device, such as accelerometers, Gyro’s, and Barometers  in order to provide more accurate positioning and a better user experience in general. The technology is intelligent in the sense that it adapts to different users walking styles and recognises when a user is stationary, walking or moving up the stairs.

The fully automatic integrated hybrid technology seamlessly hands over between electromagnetic positioning, using technologies such as Bluetooth (2 or 4) and Wi-Fi  and sensors (depending on aspects such as electromagnetic signal density in a part of a specific venue for example) hence enhancing a given users experience and allowing the delivery of better indoor Location Based Services (LBS). In addition the technology can operate in full offline mode in venues where there is no internet coverage.

sensewhere’s new technology  has already been incorporated into its key partners technologies worldwide  and is already powering services offered by sensewhere such as Adwhere and Geowhere.

sensewhere has also launched an Evaluation KIT (EVK) that demonstrates the different features of its new integrated technology.  This is now available to new customer who could contact sensewhere’s sales team to experience the new technology.

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