sensewhere announces social networking app snapp! that extends reach indoors

Published on Thursday March 22nd, 2012

March 22, 2012, Edinburgh, UK

  • Update your social network with fun, accurate indoor positioning
  • No more vague ‘I’m in this area’check-ins: snapp! allows automatic check-ins on a room-by-room basis
  • sensewhere location system intended to form the backbone of new location services for social networks, app developers, OS suppliers, operators and handset OEMs

sensewhere [sic.] Ltd., the world leader in hyper-local and indoor positioning solutions, today announces its brand new snapp! indoor location app. snapp!, which blends sensewhere’s world-leading indoor location technology with social mapping, allows users to view their friends’ updates in their geographical context across a variety of social networks. sensewhere will formally launch snapp! at The Social Media World Forum on 27th March in London, UK, at which point it will be made available on the Android store.

In the last few years social networks have used location to add a whole new dimension of fun and engagement to their services. Consumers are well-engaged with concepts such as geotagging status updates and pictures, and are increasingly beginning to use other location-based services on social networks such as friend-tracking, location-based gaming and geocaching.

The problem is that check-ins are generally not accurate indoors. Most consumers know the frustrating experience of being ‘checked in’ to the next-door building, or scrolling through a list of places they ‘might’ be. Despite the fact that 80% of social network use occurs under a roof, social networks can only get a vague fix on where you are when you’re indoors; making the whole experience less smooth, and preventing people from using location to its full potential.

sensewhere’s snapp! app allows hyper-local checkins on a room-by-room basis. Able to tie into your Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare accounts, snapp! allows you to easily post geotagged, shoutouts, tweets and status updates with pictures with an unprecedented level of indoor accuracy from a single easy-to-use interface.

Whereas before status updates might not even place you in the correct building, snapp! will pinpoint you right down to the room you’re in using nothing more than an ordinary phone.

Other features include:

– The ability to navigate and obtain directions, both indoors and out

– The ability to let your friends see exactly where you are

– An opt-in tracking service

snapp! can even allow you to be automatically checked in to certain locations on a room-by-room basis, according to your preferences.

“Sometimes a technology comes along that feels like another little bit of the future just landed,” commented Rob Palfreyman, CEO, sensewhere. “This powerful and fun new app will suddenly let Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare users locate themselves right down to the room they’re in, or potentially even the object they’re stood next to. What social networks, phone companies and app developers can dream up with this level of indoor-accuracy is limited only by their imaginations.

“People have asked us how we did this, just by developing an app. The truth is it’s not ‘just’ an app. snapp! ties into some highly specialised backend technology that sensewhere has been developing for years.

“sensewhere has developed a way to achieve indoor locations very accurately using a normal Android phones. What’s more, our service automatically give a more accurate position the more people use it.

“We believe sensewhere has fixed indoor location. One day, social networks, application developers and phone manufacturers may all use our technology to offer the best location they can.”

Other information:

  • sensewhere will have a presence at The Social Media World Forum, and is happy to take appointments to discuss snapp!, its technology, and any other aspect of indoor location. Book to meet sensewhere by contacting
  • sensewhere is strongly-engaged with a number of potential customers, and is keen to speak to other potential partners worldwide who might be interested in adopting its leading positioning technology
  • sensewhere’s hyper-accurate location databases are available today to tie your own applications into through simple APIs, or for the creation of white-labelled apps
  • sensewhere launched its friendswhere app at Mobile World Congress last month with a hyper-accurate indoor navigation map.
  • Although initially available on Android, (as the most open, widespread and adaptable OS), sensewhere’s technology is completely platform-agnostic, and can easily be ported to other operating systems, (and will be)
  • For further information please go to

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