Indoor Location Startup Sensewhere Granted U.S. Patent Patent is a method for Georeferencing of Electromagnetic Signal

Published on Thursday December 12th, 2013

By Ludovic Privat at GPS Business News

Edinburgh-based indoor geolocation start-up sensewhere was granted a patent by the US Patent and Trade Office for a method that estimates the location of a plurality of electromagnetic signal sources.

The patented technology enables consumer devices to automatically and accurately georeference electromagnetic signal sources deep indoors. These signal sources can be generated from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC or cell-towers and form the basis for sensewhere’s dynamic proprietary database.

This database, in turn, continuously updates and improves iteratively, ultimately offering users accurate and reliable location information worldwide.

“Our Locating Electromagnetic Signal Sources patent enables a global indoor positioning database that can be updated dynamically and will adapt quickly to changing environments,“ said sensewhere’s CEO, Rob Palfreyman.


sensewhere’s technology also uses whatever sensors available on a mobile device, such as accelerometers, Gyro’s, and Barometers, as well as of course GPS when available – in order to provide more accurate positioning. The technology adapts itself to different users walking styles and recognises when a user is stationary, walking or moving up the stairs.

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