Scottish Indoor Location Technology Spreading Across China

Published on Friday April 1st, 2016

sensewhere: scottish Indoor Location Technology Spreading Across China

sensewherchina_heatmap2 CINAe, a leading provider of software based indoor location technology has this year deployed its services in China, following a significant partnership late last year with technology giant, Tencent.

Established in 2009, the Scottish B2B2C scale up has seen rapid expansion after a big strategic investment and becoming Tencent’s preferred backend location technology for online service platforms.
Sitting underneath the application layer, sensewhere now serves millions of users and receives hundreds of millions of location requests daily. Running unobtrusively, it provides users with the benefit of indoor location information where the GPS can’t reach (GPS blackspots). sensewhere is being used to drive location based advertising and O2O services across China.

Rob Palfreyman comments: “sensewhere’s opt in crowdsourcing approach fits perfectly with the Tencent model providing its users with unprecedented level of indoor location accuracy automatically. Deploying the technology on a mass scale has immeasurable marketing potential full of advantages for the end user.”

sensewhere now cover an increasing number of buildings with GPS blackspots all over the world with China being a lead showcase of the software.

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