Five Edinburgh based tech companies to watch out for

Published on Friday October 21st, 2016

sensewhere (1 of 5, for remaining companies visit SBNN)

In the first of a series of articles in conjunction with StartEdinburgh we highlight Administrate, Aridhia, FreeAgent, snap40 and sensewhere.

Kendra Byers, managing director of StartEDIN said “StartEDIN is the brand for all players in the tech ecosystem to get behind to help promote Edinburgh to the world as the Tech hub it is. Edinburgh is uniquely positioned as one of the best start-up destinations – that includes strong research, serious investment, cultural heritage, and a fantastic lifestyle.

StartEDIN aims to celebrate our successes world-wide while encouraging collaboration and providing support to companies at all stages of growth and development. Our tech eco-system deserves better recognition.”

sensewhere has recently moved into prestigious new Princes St offices after a successful launch in Asia with China’s biggest technology giant, Tencent. sensewhere has also recently secured a £1.4m grant from Scottish Enterprise to create jobs and further develop its indoor positioning software.

sensewhere is pioneering the creation of software that offers universal location and navigation data in dense urban areas including shopping centres and airports, where GPS and other global navigation satellite systems are blocked.

Determined to maintain its place as a leader in the market, sensewhere hope the continued developments to its technology will not only improve services for its existing clients but also help build on its international client base, which currently includes global names such as Tencent and TomTom.

While GPS is the most well-known positioning technology, it has serious limitations inside buildings and in dense, built-up areas. sensewhere’s indoor positioning technology tackles these problems by using a database of electromagnetic sources, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth signals and other sensors to triangulate a user’s location.

Source: Scottish Business News Network

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