Best apps for navigating indoors: satnav without satellites

Published on Sunday June 1st, 2014

By Bianca Wright at PC Advisor 

How to find your way around airports, shopping malls and other large indoor spaces

 Best apps for navigating inside buildings: Snapp!ed

Scotland is the birthplace of Snapp!ed, a free social networking app that offers indoor mapping of selected buildings in Edinburgh. It is designed specifically for the summer Fringe Festival – although you can still use the indoor map features of the buildings outside of festival time – and asks you to enter a venue ID in order to access indoor navigation data. It is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Friendwhere and so in addition to allowing you to navigate festival venues easily, it also lets you interact with your friends, check-in and share your location with your friends.

Its limitation is its specificity: it only works for Edinburgh and only for those venues that are part of the system. It’s also currently only available for Android.

The potential exists to roll this out beyond Edinburgh and beyond festivals, and Sensewhere, the company that developed Snapp!ed, has realised this with its Snapp! App, which is available for iPhone and Android. It offers the same functionality but at more locations across the UK.

Its primary function is social in nature rather than navigational, but it demonstrates the possibilities of applications for indoor navigation systems.

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