Android app snapp!ed up at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Published on Monday October 14th, 2013

By Alex Proudfoot at Infinite Magazine

A University of Edinburgh spin-out company transformed the mobile experience of thousands of visitors who flocked to Edinburgh’s Festival this summer.

sensewhere Ltd launched snapp!ed, an enhanced version of a free Android indoor location app the company launched last year, with social mapping to display directions to all Festival venues and Edinburgh landmarks.

Crucially, snapp!ed allows users to view their friends’ updates in a geographical context across the city, issuing accurate geo-tagged updates from inside the hundreds of venues hosting the Festival events.

The app has the added option to share users’ experiences from one dashboard integrating Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare. This means users can quickly post geo-tagged ‘shout-outs’, across those platforms with an unprecedented level of indoor accuracy and allow friends to locate and track movement. It can also be used throughout the year as a social map of Edinburgh and the University Campus.

sensewhere’s world-leading indoor location technology was originally developed at the University’s School of Engineering and licensed through Edinburgh Research and Innovation to the new spin-out company.

Rob Palfreyman, CEO of sensewhere Ltd, said: “The company believes there are more opportunities within indoor locations, provided the technology exists to deliver an optimum quality of service. sensewhere overcomes these technical challenges of indoor positioning by ‘automatic crowdsourcing’ and referencing all available local wireless access points to provide a dynamic database of hyper-local positioning information to the user, which enhances the user experience indoors.

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